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Fashion!: Student Activity Guide Mary Wolfe

Fashion!: Student Activity Guide

Mary Wolfe

Published January 28th 2000
ISBN : 9781566373586
200 pages
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 About the Book 

Fashion is an exciting and colorful text designed for nonlaboratory textiles and clothing courses. This up-to-date text covers all aspects of the fashion scene-- Covers cutting-edge technology that is moving the apparel industries forward at a fast pace, such as computer automation and the Internet.-- Helps students learn the skills needed to become more personally fashionable and consumer-wise.-- Discusses changing consumer market needs, such as entertainment combined with shopping, casual workplace dressing, and customization of garments.-- Tells about industry consolidation, globalization, and environmental issues.-- Describes future trends in fashion careers, as well as the preparation for them.-- Contains learning objectives, review materials, and extensive glossaries.